What would you do if you were guaranteed success?

What would you do if you were guaranteed success? It is an important question that has guided my life and career over the years. I present this question every semester to all of my students on their private percussion lesson goal sheets. I especially encourage high school students to ask themselves this question as they make decisions regarding college and degree majors. It is a seemingly innocent question, but one that evokes deep thought about what you are really passionate about and finding your contribution to the world. By consistently asking ourselves What would you do if you were guaranteed success?”, we ensure that we have a clear view of our passions, as well as a belief that we can be successful and a process that which attains them.

 We are often nervous that we won’t “make it”. By choosing to make our passions our careers, we are not only taking the risk of being unsuccessful in that career, but also our hobby. Your answer to the topic question assures that you are indeed on the right path. More importantly, “Who or what is stopping you?” In my experience, a majority of the time, that conversation ends with “Nothing but myself.” Nike had it right: Just do it. Combining our passions and career paths is a good thing and the KEY to success in any career.

michael sammons