My goal as an educator is to inspire and help my students develop as successful people who are life-long musicians, perpetuators of the arts, skilled performers and educators.

I strive to exemplify and develop students' passion for the study of music; instilling its intrinsic qualities as a vehicle for personal discovery and realization of their personal potential. I strive to create an experiential, individualized environment through my pedagogical process and style while utilizing an ever-evolving methodology to combine classically accepted methods and resources with cutting edge developments and technologies in performance practices. My intention is to provide students with “tools” for their “toolbox” as they develop their own identity as artists and future music professionals.

Foster comprehensive musicians who happen to play percussion.

"Possesses the unique ability to help students transform concepts learned in the practice room into valuable life skills." - Taylor Keown (University of Utah Graduate / Freelance Percussionist, Dallas)

"...first seeks to understand his students' hearts then masterfully sculpt them in to life-long musician.” - Brandon Williams (University of Utah Percussionist)

Percussion as a vehicle for personal discovery and realization of personal potential.

Graduates have achieved careers as professional performers, university faculty, composers, studio musicians, audio engineers and educators. Mentored students who have earned their degrees in percussion studies have a 100 percent career placement.

I champion students in discovering and developing their own artistic voice while also providing a comprehensive percussion experience as a platform for individual interests and career aspirations.

In addition to in-depth performance skills, students develop expertise through their applied percussion study in areas of pedagogy, composition, audio/video engineering, marketing and entrepreneurship; all critical to succeeding in the 21st-century music industry.

"Learning occurs when there is an increased awareness of what is." - Tim Galway (author, Inner Game of Golf)

A teacher’s role is to guide students’ awareness through a heightened perception. In helping to facilitate this process, I utilize what researcher Michael Colgrass refers to as “triple channel learning” consisting of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, learning styles.

This is why I keep lots of mirrors and tennis balls in my studio.

I utilize audio and video recording for every lesson creating a virtual journal of students’ percussion study as a prompt for discussion with students. I utilize up to date technological tools to enhance student experience including audio software programs and a favorite of mine, Coach’s Eye (used by leading athletic trainers around the world) to name a few